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  • Server Save  v.1.0Server Save is a Linux tool to shut down a laptop based server in the even that it is disconnected from power (and therefore running on battery). If you like, its kind of like a poor-mans ...
  • Save The Rock!  v.32Save The Rock! is a 2D platformer bundled with a user-friendly in-game level editor ...
  • Save The Internets!  v.0.1Save the internets is a platformer similar to the old mario games on the SNES.
  • Save Images  v.0.6.8Save Images saves the images from the current tab page, from the cache, to a specified location, with either the images original file name or a file name that you specify.
  • Save Session  v. you to choose whether to save the current session and close Firefox for the next startup ...
  • Save File to for linux  v.2.1.2Save File to is a small Firefox extension that helps you to save links,.
  • Automatic Save Folder for Linux  v.1.0.2Automatic Save Folder is an add-on for Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • Save Link in Folder for Linux  v.1.5.4This extension helps you to quickly save links/files into different folders without having to click through your folder structure again and again.
  • Send without save for Thunderbird  v.1.4.3Send without save adds a button in the message compose window to Send message without saving a copy.
  • Django-smart-save  v.0.1django-smart-save provides a simple abstract model that will only save your model object if it is new,.
  • Save-To-Read  v. for quick bookmarking ...
  • Band Brothers Save Tool  v.32.0.3Python libraries and a wxPython GUI for importing and exporting user-created musical scores and game data from the Nintendo DS game Daigasso! Band ...
  • Save My Modem  v.1.0rc2smm is a anti-spam, mail-shaper, delete-on-server software thought for users who have a slow dialup connection and are sick and tired of downloading 1MB a day of spam and Win32-worm-attached ...
  • Save The Penguins  v.rcThis is a single player side/vertical scrolling game using SDL and SDL_image. It is written in C++ and is for the Linux operating system.It is sort of a clone of STG for the acorn archimedies by Charles Dell.
  • IBee  v.1.5Save exact content that you selected in web pages ...
  • Fdf-Converter  v.9.xfdf-Converter allows to convert any FDF / PDF file to a data format, other applications or data bases like Excel or Access are able to import.
  • ArchiTech  v.4.0Use this powerful but easy to use program to do an accurate energy audit of your home or business. It pinpoints many effective ways to reduce your utility bills.
  • ECMerge Pro (Linux)  v.1.2ECMerge compares and merges files and folders, side-by-side or 3-way. It provides syntax colouring for C/C++, Java, HTML, ASP, PHP and many others. Save your work at intermediate situation and restart it later! Generate patch/XML/HTML reports.
  • StockChartX  v.5.8StockChartX is a component that can import raw stock data, display it graphically, embed chart objects, and save/load in XML file format. Use StockChartX as your essential front-end data analysis tool for developing interactive financial apps.
  • Submission Sites for Ebooks Articles Freeware and Shareware  v.1.8In this book you'll find clickable links to submission sites I've spent months finding. If you have e-books freeware or shareware to submit this clickable book will SAVE YOU LOTS OF TIME.
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